Terms and conditions

1. Conclusion of agreement, terms of payment

The agreement between the lessor and the lessee shall be concluded when the lessor confirms the reservation. Consequently, the accommodation agreement shall be deemed effective. A written confirmation shall not be required; a telephone order shall suffice. The lessee shall pay the confirmed accommodation rate in cash, no later than at departure.

2. Additional costs

Additional costs (such as electricity, gas, heating, etc.) are included in the rental rate. 

3. Handing over the rental property; complaints

The rental property shall be handed over to the lessee in clean condition in accordance with the agreement. If any defects exist or the inventory is incomplete at the time of handover, the lessee must raise a corresponding complaint with the lessor and without delay. Otherwise, the rental property is deemed to have been handed over in flawless condition. If the lessee is late in occupying the rental property, or fails to occupy the rental property altogether, the rental price shall remain due in full.

4. Careful use

The lessee undertakes to use the rented property carefully, to abide by the house rules, and to show consideration for the other residents of the building and neighbours. In the event of any obvious damage, etc., the lessor/key holder shall be informed immediately. The rental property must not be occupied by more than 2 persons. Sub-letting is not permitted. The lessee shall ensure that co-users comply with the obligations set forth in this agreement. If the lessee or other occupants commit a flagrant violation of the obligations regarding careful use, or if more than the contractually agreed number of residents occupy the property, the lessor/key holder can terminate the agreement without notice and without compensation.

5. Return of the rental property

The rental property shall be returned on the specified date, in an orderly condition, together with the inventory. The lessee shall be liable to pay compensation for any damage and for any items missing from the inventory. Smoking is prohibited inside the apartment as well as inside the entire building. If unlawful acts are committed, liquidated damages including a contractual penalty of EUR 150.00 shall become payable. This shall also apply to guests holding their head out of the window to smoke. Please retreat to the backyard or to the balcony, where you will also find ashtrays and seats.

6. Cancellation policy

Subject to the following conditions, the lessee may withdraw from the contract at any time:

Until 8 days prior to arrival: Cancellation is free
7 until 0 days prior to arrival: 90 % of the rental price.

Substitute lessee: The lessee has the right to propose a substitute lessee. This substitute lessee shall be solvent and acceptable to the lessor. The substitute lessee shall enter into the agreement in accordance with the existing conditions. The lessee and the substitute lessee shall be jointly and severally liable for the rental payment. The decisive date for the calculation of the cancellation shall be the date on which the notice of cancellation is received by the lessor or the booking agent (if the date of receipt falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the following working day shall be deemed the date of receipt). If the rental period is terminated prematurely, the full rental price shall remain due.

7. Force majeure

If force majeure (environmental disasters, acts of God, official measures, etc.), events which cannot be foreseen or averted prevent the execution or continuance of the lease, the lessor is entitled (but not obliged) to offer an equivalent substitute rental property to the lessee while excluding claims for compensation. If it is impossible to provide all or part of the deliverable, the paid amount or the relevant percentage thereof shall be refunded to the exclusion of any further claims.

8. Liability

The lessor shall ensure that the reservation is correct and that the agreement is performed in accordance with the terms thereof. For damage other than injury to persons, the liability shall be limited to twice the rental rate, unless caused by gross negligence or intent. Liability shall be excluded for omissions on the part of the lessee or co-user, omissions by third parties which cannot be foreseen or averted, force majeure or events which the lessor, key holder, intermediary or other persons engaged by the lessor could not foresee or avert, even though due care was taken. The lessee shall be liable for all damage which is caused by himself or by the co-users.


9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by German law. The place of jurisdiction shall be Naumburg.